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Chipolbrok Visiting Wind Power Manufacturers
Date:2023-05-26 Num.: Fonts:[ Big Middle Small ]

On May 25th, Siemens-Gamesa(SGRE), global wind power magnate, visited Chipolbrok. general manager assistant Zhou Jinlai, and relevant personnel from Shipping Division and Hongfa Shipping warmly received clients from their head office in Spain. Both parties have conducted in-depth exchanges on the current market circumstances, their respective production and operation situation, and future development strategies. Over the years, both sides have established a good understanding in long-term cooperation.


In May, Chipolbrok has visited almost 10 domestic and foreign Wind Power enterprises. Among them, there are both strategic partners with long-term cooperation, and top domestic high-quality Wind Power manufacturers that have been newly contacted. Chipolbrok’s vessel type adapted Wind Power equipment well due to its characteristics of multi-purposed vessels with multi deck, and advantages of diverse vessel types and flexible deployment, and Wind Power equipment accounted for half of the cargo volume carried by Shipping Division and Hongfa Shipping. With continuous expansion of transportation capacity, Chipolbrok’s and Hongfa Shipping’s overall allocation of vessel fleet has become smoother, helping attracting more high-quality wind power projects by ensuring stable transportation capacity and reliable shipping schedule.


Recent Wind Power Project

Chipol Donghai


Destination: Turkey

Chipol Xiongan


Destination: Australia



Destination: Australia

Chipolbrok Pacific


Destination: Turkey


To be carried in 2023.6

Wind Power has good economic, social, and environmental benefits. According to prediction of International Energy Agency (IEA), renewable energy will become the world’s largest source of power generation within 5 years, with number of installed photovoltaic power generation tripling, and installed Wind Power Equipment doubling in 2027. For now, China maintains a global leading position in the renewable energy industry and is the world’s largest wind power equipment manufacturing base, with wind turbine production accounting for more than two-third of the global market share. In the future, with the continuous expansion of the wind power industry in various countries including China, America and Europe, Chipolbrok will definitely take on more responsibilities in the field of wind power transportation, continue to help new energy equipment made in China benefit the world, and make new contributions to transformation of the world’s power structure.