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CHIPOLBROK Cheering for The World Cup by Offering Door-to-Door Service
Date:2022-12-08 Num.: Fonts:[ Big Middle Small ]

Fans around the world are celebrating for the four-year World Cup. On the field, the competition between traditional giants and new dark horses is exciting; Outside the field, traditional shipping companies are blooming in the logistics service field. In recent years, CP(CHIPOLBROK) is devoted to extending service chain and developing new service models, and has achieved substantial results in the strategic transformation of “shipping+logistics” model. CP has been offering door-to-door service for customers from participating countries in the World Cup this year. The customers can experience the improvement of CP’s service level while cheering for the World Cup.

1. Argentina

Recently, at Gaolan Port, Zhuhai, HF (Hongfa Shipping) and CPL(Chipol International Logistics Company) successfully completed transportation task of more than 30000 modules and SOC from shipper’s factory to loading port, and cargos were carried by Chipol Xiongan to Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is the largest door-to-door project conducted by HF, with a total of 8 barges (1000-3000 DWT) and 40 trucks used for transportation of cargos from shipper’s factory to loading port. The efficient completion of the assignment demonstrated the team’s high-level technical strength and service ability, and was highly praised by the customers.


2. Poland


In consideration of POLBROK’s and branch company’s resource advantages of connecting western Europe and eastern Europe, Shipping Division has made Poland a key development focus for door-to-door service, and offered logistics service for transportation of container gantry crane, power plant, module materials and cement. Recently, CP has signed a contract of 2300 CBM cranes, including 4 beams (36.6 meters), which will be carried by Chipolbrok Galaxy in Jan next year to the destination of southwestern Poland.


3. Uruguay


Recently, HF has successfully signed a contract of transportation of ventilation from China, via Uruguay to Argentina, officially opened transshipment service of Uruguay-Argentina, further enhanced the differentiated competitive advantages of liner service, and better meets the increasingly diverse needs of customers.


4. England


This year, Shipping Division seized transportation demand generated by trade spillovers within the European Union after Brexit, and opened transshipment service of Belgium-UK. Steels pipes were carried by Adam Asnyk, Chipolbrok Moon and Huanghai Struggle.


5. Germany


This year, Europe-Med Line Department in Shipping Division has successfully offered three times of door-to-door service for Germany 1st Biological refinery under construction, and successfully signed a contract with customer, including 156 tons heavy lift cargos by finding other suppliers in the same project. Shipping Division successfully signed a six-month COA with SIEMENS for a total of approximately 9000 CBM equipment, and extended service scope by offering door-to-door service. In addition, CP also offered door-to-door service for Germany project cargos such as drills and generators.


6. Morocco


In the second quarter, during the critical period of epidemic prevention in Shanghai, CP offered door-to-door service for Chinese largest vaccine factory exported to Morocco. The project amounted to nearly 40000 CBM, including 118 large modules, which covered an area of 10000 square meters and nearly 1.5 standard football field. The project was carried by PILECKI, the 3rd new-building heavy lift vessel, in her 1st voyage. The transportation task was extremely arduous, which has contributed CP’s strength to the global fight against the COVID-19, the joint construction of “the belt and road”, and the smooth flow of the international supply chain, receiving widespread attention from the society.


7. Brazil


In the first quarter, HF closely followed the industry development trend, deeply explored customer needs, extended the service scope, and received the first door-to-door  service order. HF signed a contract of automotive component equipment from factory in Tianjin to Port in Rio de Janeiro.


8. America


In the first quarter, Shipping Division offered logistics service from factory in Shanghai to Los Angeles for important customer, and offered additional service for this project. The largest transformer of this project was the LTC autotransformer with a maximum of 220 tons. Coincidentally with the severe epidemic situation, severe port congestion in America, poor transshipment condition, severe climate condition and holiday factors, the cargos must be delivered on time before the snowstorm and mountain lockdown. Shipping Division collaborated with port authority, actively contacted customer for delivery, ensured smooth information flow, ultimately achieved smooth delivery and received sincere praise from the customer.


9. Spain



At the beginning of this year, 5 sets of transformers carried by Shipping Division was successfully delivered in Saguntum, Spain. In addition to traditional service including sea transportation, domestic and foreign ground logistics, port operations, customs declaration and customs clearance, Shipping Division offered additional service including GPS Discharging function for the 1st time, and completed installation of transformer at the delivery location. Cargo owner expressed gratitude and looked forward to future cooperation by sending a letter.


tough-luck loss



Recently, the domestic transportation task of Italian power plant cycle unit module project served by CP officially started, with a total of 20 modules (1000 square meters). The first 8 modules were carried by Chipol Taihu at Shanghai Port from domestic factory after inspecting the route, coordinating the site, connecting the shipping schedule and other arrangements.


Peru & Chile

This year, HF undertook transformer project for domestic important customer from domestic factory to Port Matarani in Chile, and from domestic port to destination in San Antonio, Chile. Based on efficient and smooth communication with customers and customized logistics solutions centered around customers, the final successful delivery was achieved.