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Successful Shipment of Large Wind Power Project in Australia
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Under the guidance of “dual brand strategy”, Shipping Division and Hongfa Shipping actively expanded business in various market areas, successfully commenced shipment of numerous important projects, including Wind Power Project and infrastructure equipment in Australia, providing reliable guarantee for delivery of overseas projects.


01 WTG in Australia


180 sets of WTG project cargo



It’s good to hear that liner service to Oceania welcomed new projects, and congratulations that the 1st and 2nd shipment of WTG Project in Australia have been successfully delivered! The cargos were loaded in Port CIWANDAN in Indonesia and Port Yangzhou in China, and discharged in destination port, Brisbane in Australia.


This Project is the largest one signed by HONGFA this year, including 180 sets of WTG, which will be transported in 18 shipments, ensuring two voyages every month in liner service to Oceania.


Looking forward to your further achievement!


4th Aug 2022


Since this year, under the unified deployment of our company, Shipping Division and Hongfa has made full use of advantages of integrated fleet, and reasonably allocated the tonnages based on overall efficiency. MV “CHIPOL BAOAN” and MV “CHIPOL BROK SUN” were put into liner service in Oceania. The 1st shipment of the project was loaded by MV “CHIPOL BROK SUN” with 8 sets of towers. The 2nd shipment of the project was loaded by MV “CHIPOL BAOAN” with 10 sets of towers and 12 hubs. HONGFA insisted on the principle of “customer-center”, arranged sailing schedule accurately, made scientific stowage plan, overcame adverse impact caused by epidemic and devoted itself to satisfying clients’ requirement for export. After many times of coordination, Hongfa optimized liner service & port sequence and finally ensured the departure of cargos on time.


02 WTG in Finland


NO.1 in Kuantan Port in volume of WTG within one shipment



It’s good to hear that the 4th 62,000 DWT multi-purposed heavy lift vessel, MV “YONG XING” recently started its maiden voyage in Kuantan Port, Malaysia. The vessel loaded 112 sections in total, and almost 60,000 cubic meters towers to Kokora Port in Finland.

Congratulations on this loading to refresh Kuantan Port one shipment export wind power cargo volume record!


Looking forward to your further achievement!


4th Aug 2022


Wind Power Cargo highly matches CHIPOLBROK’s vessel type and stowage height, and has always been one of the most important sources of cargos in our company. After the “Carbon Neutral” and “Emission Peak” targets are proposed, Wind power Cargo has a sharp increase in terminal demand and wins good reputation due to its economic, social and environmental benefits as environmentally friendly clean energy. CHIPOLBROK provides clients with high value-added service and contributes to development and utilization of clean energy in the world with professional service level and rich experience.


03 Bridge Structure and WTG Project in Australia


Three main Projects Transported in the same Vessel



It’s good to hear that MV “CHIPOL HUANGHE” completed loading of three main projects in Taicang Port, and sailed to Australia. Congratulations on your success in loading both large infrastructure projects and important wind power projects in one voyage!


Looking forward to your further achievement!


4th Aug 2022



The large-scale infrastructure equipment project transported in this voyage is one main projects to build the image of local city in Australia. The cargos are super long and heavy, with longest cargo reaching 36 meters, as heavy as 432 tons. At the same time, the client requires vertical lifting, and stricter lashing operation. To satisfy client’s requirement and ensure service quality, the Technical Center made preparation for project in advance, and reached a consensus on lifting, dunnage and lashing plan after communicating with clients for many times. During loading process, our port captain strictly followed the predetermined plan, actively coordinated and finally completed loading operation safely according to clients’ requirement and won their high recognition.