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Completion of Pharmadule Morimatsu Modular Facility Project
Date:2022-06-30 Num.: Fonts:[ Big Middle Small ]

On June 12th (LT) in Morocco, MV “PILECKI” arrived at Casablanca Port in Africa loaded with Pharmadule Morimatsu Modular Facility Project cargo. After 6 days of efficient operation, all cargos in the vessel were discharged safely, and delivered to final destination by land transportation in batches. It marks that CHIPOLBROK has overcame numbers of challenges and successfully completed this whole logistics project which won high praises from all parties.


Particulars of the Project:

1.       Almost 40,000 cubic meters of modular cargos.

2.       Covering an area of 10,000 square meters.

3.       118 modular equipment.

4.       Contributing to local production of over 20 types of vaccines in Africa.

5.       Meeting the vaccine needs of over 60% of Africa's population.

6.       35-day ocean transportation + 140-hour discharging and land transportation.


Project Execution Timeline:

-          On April 30th, MV “PILECKI” berthed and started loading in Luojing.

-          On May 8th, the vessel sailed from Shanghai.

-          On June 12th, the vessel arrived at Casablanca Port.

-          On June 18th, all cargos were successfully delivered in destination to clients.


Direct Discharge and Delivery:

In view of the particularity of large modules, Port Authority in Casablanca did not accept 24-hour operation to ensure safety, which brought serious impact to the plan of “delivery to destination in the shortest time”. However, CHIPOLBROK overcame this problem with its rich experience in field of heavy lift project cargo transportation. CHIPOLBROK convinced port authorities by safe & reliable slings specially designed in advance, and was specially approved for 24-hour operation securing favorable conditions for the quick and safe delivery of 40,000 square meters of large modular cargos to destination within 140 hours.



Since the project had high requirement for transportation with large volume and quick delivery, the company arranged local staff to make arrangement in advance, and selected coordinators on site who are proficient in Arabic, French and English, avoiding delay caused by poor communication among crew, stevedores, truck drivers, etc. Meanwhile, Shipping Division arranged experienced port captain to discharging port for real-time field guidance.


In recent years, CHIPOLBROK is building an integrated shipping and logistics service provider based on the “one body and two wings” development pattern, with development in not only traditional shipping transportation, but also logistics service, in order to provide high-valued whole logistics service for clients and guarantee the smooth flow of international supply chain.